Touch Controller for Ableton Live

MIDI symbol

Full set of 
MIDI Controllers

Including drumpads, keyboard, assignable MIDI controls, XY pads and hexagonal controller

Full representation of the session view including access to all parameters of Live’s devices. 

 Works with Live 9+

New touch interface 
for Ableton Live

Logo of Ableton

Yeco runs on the same computer as Live. This eliminates network issues and ensures a fast and reliable connection

Runs on 
Windows & Mac

Logos of Microsoft and Apple

Clip Grid with colours, playing positions and names from Live

& much more below


Level control, metering, pan,

sends, crossfade assign, arm,

solo, mute, stop clips

Yeco symbol for mixer button



Positional velocity control
Displays pad names from Live
Choose MIDI channel

yeco symbol for keyboards


Large and small key modes

Midi & rack control panels

Channel pressure

Hex Controller

Melodic table note layout
Pattern based transposition
Slider and positional pitch bend

Yeco symbol for hex controller

MIDI Controls

 56 Independent elements including: sliders, knobs,

buttons & toggles

Yeco symbol for MIDI controls

XY Pads

4 large XY pads
Easy XY assign buttons

Yeco symbol for XY pads


Access to all parameters of Ableton Live’s devices

devices symbol
Yeco's mixer view with master and returns tracks open
View of Yeco pad controller
View of Yeco keyboards
View of Yeco Hex Controller
View of MIDI Controls
View of yeco XY pads
View of Yeco Devices
Yeco symbol for drumpads
Image of Yeco's session view, incl clip grid and controls

MIDI Output Selector

Tap Tempo

Tempo Controls 

Tempo Nudge

Automation Arm

Re-enable Automation

Time Signature


Launch Quantization

MIDI Record Quantization

Transport Controls

Stop All Clips


Clip length Selector

Add, delete & duplicate clips and tracks


Session View

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Mac and Os X are trademarks of Apple Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. Ableton, the Ableton logo and Ableton Live are trademarks of Ableton AG.


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